The Challenge of Wedding Planning

Wedding planners have one of the toughest jobs you can ever imagine (aside from maids and house cleaners, I suppose), juggling a thousand things in one time and working at such a high pressure job it is certainly not one of the easiest. However it can be quite easy for wedding planners to make money. With all of the challenges that wedding planners face in their job it would be good to know how exactly that you can make money as a wedding planner.

One of the top things that you should consider in order to make a lot of money as a wedding planner is to make a lot of connections and to get a lot of suppliers. As a wedding planner you should have the answer for everything when it comes to the questions of the bride and groom – whether it is florists, caterers, seamstresses or tailors, photographers, and make-up artists, you should be in the know and have at least some people you can go to for your clients’ wedding needs.

Because a wedding planner’s job requires him or her to offer suggestions on how a wedding can be different or festively celebrated it pays to be creative. Creativity is something that you should have an unlimited supply of. As wedding planner you are in charge of the wedding’s conceptualization and how to make things like the theme, floral arrangement, venue décor, color coordination happen.

When you are just starting out as a wedding planner and want to make money fast you should not be afraid to ask your relatives, close friends, and acquaintances for a little help when it comes to marketing. Ask them to help spread around the word that you are a wedding planner. All businesses have to start somewhere and there’s no shame in starting out small – the whole point is to make money while doing a great job as a wedding planner.

Building a good portfolio of the weddings you have done is another way of making money. Make sure that potential clients can see what it is you are capable of. Having a portfolio could mean getting a big break.

One of the greatest things to happen in the modern world that we live in is the birth of social media. Sure you have a great office and a great location where people can easily spot you but times are different. Take full advantage of social media. Create an account on Facebook to Tumblr, somewhere you can show off your portfolio by posting photos. Using social media is a great, free way of advertising yourself. Plus, it’s an easy way for clients to contact you.

Last tip in making money as a wedding planner is to be the best that you can be. Be organized and follow up on all appointments and schedules. Be on time and make sure to show up when you are needed. Small things that show your client that you are a reliable wedding planner is what will get you more jobs as bride and groom can spread the word out to their friends and family – that’s a guarantee!

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